Dictionary of the oldest Old Church Slavonic texts

The Dictionary of the Oldest Old Church Slavonic Manuscripts (DOOCSM) was created within the project GORAZD: An Old Church Slavonic Digital Hub (the project was implemented in the framework of the NAKI II programme of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, DG16P02H024 for the years 2016-2020). It is a specialized public database based on the one-volume dictionary Старославянский словарь (по рукописям X-XI веков), which is a fruit of cooperation of Czech and Russian experts for Old Church Slavonic studies (published in Moscow 1994, reprinted 1999). The dictionary draws upon the material of the Old Church Slavonic Card Index stored in the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In comparison with the Old Church Slavonic Dictionary, DOOCSM includes only canonical Old Church Slavonic manuscripts of the 10th - 11th centuries and uses a simplified citation model. Its concept is thus suitable as a reference dictionary intended not only for the professional users but also for university students and broad public.

In its digital form, the Dictionary of the oldest Old Church Slavonic manuscripts is based on the so far unpublished second edition, during the preparation of which it was significantly supplemented and revised. Within the work on this second edition, material from newly found canonical manuscripts was implemented and English translations of the Old Church Slavic words were added to make the work accessible to the international environment. In order to satisfy the Czech milieu and especially the students of Czech universities, the explanations and the dictionary apparatus of single entries were translated into Czech. The digital version of the dictionary contains more than 11,500 entries.

The electronic version of the Dictionary of the oldest Old Church Slavonic manuscripts is made accessible using the advanced Gulliver presentation environment (developed by the company AiP Beroun) and it is available together with the Digital Old Church Slavonic Dictionary and the Greek-Old Church Slavonic Index (Part I). This enables advanced search and filtering features, as well as creating and managing user’s collections across integrated dictionaries.

Access to the database: http://gorazd.org/gulliver/?envLang=en

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