Old Church Slavonic Dictionary

The Old Church Slavonic Dictionary will be the main database containing the data on the complete vocabulary preserved in Old Church Slavonic texts and their younger Middle Church Slavonic transcriptions. The core of the virtual dictionary content will be the lexicographical material created by the Slavonic Institute for the printed Dictionary of the Old Church Slavonic Language (Slovník jazyka staroslověnského). This paper dictionary offers a detailed analysis of several million preserved Old Church Slavonic lexemes in four volumes, 3202 pages and 20 000 lemmas. This basis will be enlarged by the Supplements to the first volume of the Dictionary of the Old Church Slavonic Language (Dodatky k prvnímu dílu jazyka staroslověnského) which are being created by the Slavonic Institute. The Supplements expand the material with some newly found Old Church Slavonic texts and update its processing method. The new dictionary processing method will also be applied, step by step, on the remaining part of the lexicographical material.

In the presentation system, the lemmas will be interlinked with the Old Church Slavonic citation slips. This will enable searches of the complete occurrence of all Old Church Slavonic lexemes. The Old Church Slavonic lexical database will be ready for the addition of recently found Old Church Slavonic texts (especially texts found in the 1970s in Sinai) and also the texts, newly identified as of Czech Church Slavonic origin (e.g. the translations of the Legend of St. Anastasia and the Prayers of St. Gregor the Great).

In order to increase the accessibility of the database for both the Czech and the international communities (including professional and non-professional levels), we will add the English equivalents of the Old Church Slavonic words (besides the already existing Czech, German and Russian ones). Moreover, the linguistic and factual explanations will be translated from Latin to English. Thus the database will become a unique tool for 360-degree orientation in the Old Church Slavonic lexical patrimony for the professional public in various domains as well as university students and any interested individuals. It will also become an important resource for further research on Old Church Slavonic Lexicology.

The database will be published by the end of 2020.