Dictionary of the oldest Old Church Slavonic texts

This work is a lexical database limited to the so-called canonical texts of Old Church Slavonic from the 10th – 11th centuries, which represent the vocabulary close to the Cyrillo-Methodian language. This digital dictionary will be based on the lexical material created in the Slavonic Institute for the Old Church Slavonic Dictionary, according to the manuscripts of the 10th – 11th centuries (Старославянский словарь, по рукописям X-XI веков), which has been extensively revised and expanded during the preparation of the second edition (not yet published).

In the course of this revision, we have enlarged the dictionary with the vocabulary of the recently found canonical texts and added the English equivalents of Old Church Slavonic words to boost accessibility for the international audience. For the purposes of the Czech audience and especially for the needs of Czech university students, the metalanguage has been switched to Czech (originally it was Russian). After its conclusion, this database will contain about 10,500 detailed lemmas. The lemmas of this dictionary will be interlinked step by step with the database of the Old Church Slavonic Dictionary. In this way the user will have the opportunity to easily compare both approaches.

The database will be published by the end of 2020.