New Book: Church Slavonic in the Late Middle Ages

During this week the book Církevní slovanština v pozdním středověku 'Church Slavonic in the Late Middle Ages' by Vladislav Knoll was published. It is the first book to be published within the Gorazd Project.

The book attempts to characterise the Church Slavonic language diasystem in the 14th–15th centuries from the perspective of variety linguistics. The work focuses on the development of orthography in the mentioned period and the mutual influence of written and spoken varieties existing in the Church Slavonic cultural area. The book also contains practical charts for manuscript analysis, samples of text in different varieties and detailed indices with links to available digital facsimiles. It is a first book analysing the Church Slavonic as a whole and using this methodology.

It can be purchased through Kosmas e-shop, in the Slavonic Institute and professional bookshops.